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Importance of Choosing A Healthy Breakfast

Skipping breakfast shuts down our metabolisms for the day, which causes our bodies to process other meals and snacks into fat mass. It has the opposite effect of what we’re trying to achieve.

Sep 13th, 2016
The Party's Over... Or, Is It?

Excess body weight and the typical lifestyle that produces it are the most significant contributors to chronic and debilitating disease in this country.

Sep 13th, 2016
Permanent Weight Loss

Treat your overweight state the right way, so you can enjoy the comfort, health and happiness that come with permanent weight loss!

Sep 13th, 2016
Wow, That Looks Good!

Weight loss provides a litany of benefits to our health, appearance and well-being; fattening foods provide a few seconds of pleasure followed by damage to our health, appearance and well-being.

Sep 13th, 2016
Exercise: Not a '4-Letter' Word

The truth is, the physical and mental deterioration we are experiencing with age is due primarily to the lack of regular exercise.

Sep 13th, 2016
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