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Dr. Dean Sloan has devised exercise plans for many Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Lake Worth, Florida patients. Many of his patients have successfully used his customized exercise plans to lose weight, become more fit, and improve their overall health.

Exercise Plan Q & A

Who Provides Exercise Plans?

Personal trainers and coaches often devise exercise plans for athletes. Some people, however, need a plan that is devised by a medical professional. People who have at least one medical condition should consult a doctor because a doctor is uniquely qualified to take the condition into account when creating an exercise plan.

What Are Exercise Plans Used For?

Exercise plans aren not just for helping athletes perform at the highest level. Most people can benefit from following an exercise plan. Such plans can be used to help:

  • People who suffer from obesity to lose weight
  • People who are a healthy weight to maintain their weight
  • People who suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease to exercise safely and to get healthier
  • People who lack strength and stamina to improve their fitness and energy levels

What Should People Look for in an Exercise-Minded Doctor?

People who are interested in seeing a doctor who prescribes exercise should look for one who has the proper background and experience in devising exercise plans for patients who suffer from medical conditions and/or physical limitations. Such a doctor should be available for regular follow-up visits, at which the patient's progress can be monitored and the plan can be modified as necessary.

Does Health Insurance Cover Appointments for Exercise Plans?

Whether an appointment for an exercise plan is covered by a patient’s health insurance policy will depend on several factors:

  • Whether a doctor says the exercise plan is medically necessary
  • The type of healthcare provider the patient is actually seeing
  • Whether any other treatments are being administered during the appointment
  • What the terms and conditions of the patient’s policy state regarding such benefits

Patients should check their health insurance policies to see whether their appointment will be covered.